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from Tupi, motyrõ - collective mobilization for a common purpose, based on mutual help provided free of charge. Solidarity economy.

NowHere is not a commercial gallery, it does not represent artists nor does it profit from the market. Because we are a non-profit cultural association and still don't have public resources and/or substantial financial support, we created Mutirão, a collective funding from works donated by artists who believe in our work, established and emerging names, and artists who participate in our labs and make up our community.


All works donated to Mutirão are sold at the same price, not strictly following a market value, but rather the gesture of promoting a solidarity economy in favor of the cultural association. We offer, then, two categories of acquisition: a combo containing the work of 1 artist-friend + 1 artist-lab (the idea here is to promote the collection of lab artists along with established names) for 800 EUR; and 1 lab artist for 250 EUR.


The funds raised with the Mutirão guarantee the existence of our project and, especially, of the physical space located at the corner of Poiais de São Bento and Cruz dos Poiais streets, in Lisbon, where we house laboratories, exhibitions, residencies, and events. 

Purchases can be made at any time of the year. We also receive other forms of donation and support.


We count on your support!

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